Excess management & consignment

ComS.I.T. excess group
OEM / CEM excess program (marketing)

When it comes to timely, reliable and rapid marketing of your excess stock ComS.I.T. is the logical choice. With access to global, national and regional markets, the benefits of our network are highly valued by our customers across the globe.


In addition to the direct sale of surplus stock, ComS.I.T. also provides successful alternative distribution, logistics and service concepts. You can choose to take advantage of our proven consignment program but you can also decide to keep your stock within your own facilities. Regardless of your decision, our OEM / CEM excess group will provide intelligent logistics and distribution concepts for the successful sale of your goods worldwide.


Whether you choose to market your stock exclusively with us or not, with ComS.I.T. you are always in safe hands.

The ComS.I.T. consignment program

The ComS.I.T. consignment program is the most successful way to market your excess. With minimal effort you can achieve maximum revenue from your inventory. Using the established and globally operational worldwide ComS.I.T. logistics concept, We take your excess as a commission commodity and sell them profitably in the global market. You don't have to worry about anything yourself.


Consignment treaty
ComS.I.T. will advise you on the design of your consigments so you are fully aware from the outset. Our marketing professionals will work with you to tailor a bespoke solution that fits perfectly with your needs. All agreed solutions and processes will be recorded and documented in your finalised personal consignment treaty.


Market analysis and sales potential
After assessing your stock / inventory, our marketing and sales specialists analyse the sales potential of your products. In conjunction with our 25+ years of market experience, we use professional databases, key market data, current demand and price analyses. After this, we introduce your products to our worldwide operating distribution network.


Up to date sales results in real time
You can check the current status of your consignment goods at any time. Using a secure area on the ComS.I.T. site you can track the actual status of your goods around the clock. All sales are displayed with relevant data in real time where you can instantly see if something is moving in your consignment stock.


At the end of every contract period (i.e each quarter), a detailed statement and account of can be obtained for your Consignment goods within that period. The statement of active sales and returns within a contract period can be acquired by contacting ComS.I.T.